A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature

You've got to see this:

via u/neilrkaye on www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful

When I stumbled on this as I was browsing the dataisbeautiful subreddit, I knew I just had to share it. After doing a little bit of a deeper dive. I found this visualization that extends, well, a bit further.

What are we to make of this? For me, these visualizations offer up a sobering reminder of the importance of our time here on Earth. Notice how the average temperatures skyrocket in such fast fashion after the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps you believe in fate -- that we were born at this particular time to solve this particular problem. Maybe it's just a big coincidence. Whatever the reason, this rapid rise in average global temperatures is not sustainable.

So, we are faced with a choice: Act now or pass the baton. What will you choose?

Photo by rolf gelpke on Unsplash

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