November 12, 2019

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Earth Day Championship

It seems like Earth Day went by in a breeze! We made resolutions and promises to ourselves and our communities to treat the environment better, but how many of us really took action on those promises? Well, Nano is enabling you to make a positive impact on our planet while having fun competing with family […]

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hubraum on air: Tech meets Sustainability

In our 7th session of hubraum on air, we are going to discuss: What is the role of green tech startups in fostering sustainability? What opportunities are out there for them? In which sustainability-related domains do tech startups and big corporations cooperate? We are inviting Julia M. Profeta Johansson as the Co-CEO of and […]

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“People, planet and *then* profit”: how 2Cimple is fighting climate change

Syed Abbas started thinking a lot about the climate in 2018. That he did so wasn’t a coincidence — it was the summer the climate strikes were taking place and for the first time, he and his team really started to notice the big movement happening all around them.

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Half of Europe’s largest firms now link executive pay to climate change

Annual CDP report covering companies worth three quarters of European market cap finds 47% reward their senior management for managing climate topics, with 1 in 4 tying incentives to climate targets.

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Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Carbon Reducing Technology

Microsoft Corp. said it will invest $1 billion to fund companies and other organizations working on carbon reduction and removal technology to fight climate change.

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Unilever’s New Climate Plan Puts Carbon Labels on 70,000 Products

The consumer giant is committing to reduce a large portion of its emissions to zero by 2039.

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Amazon is launching a $2 billion fund to invest in climate technologies

Amazon on Tuesday announced it will launch a $2 billion venture capital fund to back companies developing sustainable and decarbonizing technologies.

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Our commitment to transparency

In January we committed to providing our stakeholders and clients more clarity and insight into our investment stewardship practices.

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Greening of Europe Means Lots More Red Tape for Investors

Fund firms will soon be required to disclose their holdings’ environmental impact.

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Jeff Bezos expanded Amazon’s climate change pledge. His workers want more.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of, takes a walking tour of the Amazon Spheres, three plant-filed geodesic domes that serve as a work- and gathering place for Amazon employees.

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