November 12, 2019

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A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature

You've got to see this: When I stumbled on this as I was browsing the dataisbeautiful subreddit, I knew I just had to share it. After doing a little bit of a deeper dive. I found this visualization that extends, well, a bit further. What are we to make of this? For me, these visualizations […]

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Swiss Philanthropist Donating $1 Billion to “Save the Planet”

Odds are you’ve never heard the name Hansjörg Wyss -- but there’s a great reason you should. Wyss is a Swiss billionaire who recently pledged to donated $1 billion over the next decade to,  “help accelerate land and ocean conservation efforts around the world, with the goal of protecting 30 percent of the planet’s surface […]

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Earth Day Highlights

News and notes from the 2019 edition of Earth Day Music to honor Mother Earth To celebrate Earth Day, musician Lil Dicky released an awesome music video honoring our planet and encouraging others to help protect it. We love seeing artists use their platform to do good. There is some swearing and suggestive themes in […]

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Celebrating Earth Day

Did you know the very first Earth Day was celebrated nearly 50 years ago? On April 22, 1970, Denis Hayes recruited 2,000 universities, roughly 10,000 primary schools and hundreds of communities to participate in pro-Earth demonstrations. On the first Earth Day, men and women from around the country protested an oil spill that happened off […]

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What is Sustainability?

Ask 10 different people and you may get 10 different answers. For some, sustainability means protecting our rain forests. For others, it means ensuring fair wages for workers. Your friend might say sustainability means protecting human rights; and your cousin might say it means investing in renewable energy. The truth is, they’re all right! Sustainability […]

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Composting and Sustainability

What is composting? According to Illinois University, composting is, “the biological decomposition of organic material into a humus-like substance called compost. The process occurs naturally, but can be accelerated and improved by controlling environmental factors.” The practice of composting can be traced back centuries with references dating as far back 1,000 years to the Akkadian […]

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