Small Deeds,
Big impact.

Empowering you to make a positive change, and rewarding you for your effort.

Current Challenge: #Recycle4Trees

For every 10 #Recycle4Trees uploads, nano has pledged to plant a sapling in your honor! That means if 10,000 users complete 10 small recycling acts, the nano community will be responsible for an entire forest! Completing the #Recycle4Trees nano task will also increase your carbon offset based off of your recycling efforts. If you have any questions or feedback, hit us up on Instagram!


  • My Impact

    For the first time ever, you'll be able to track your progress and monitor your carbon reduction on the My Impact page inside nano.
  • Nano Tasks

    Complete these easy-to-do challenges that make the world a better place and earn rewards when you do!
  • Nano Planet

    Your Nano Planet is a virtual representation of your real-life sustainability efforts. The more you do to create a sustainable future, the more your nano planet flourishes.
  • Newsfeed

    The Nano Newsfeed makes it easy to keep up with friends, collaborate on service events, and receive customized news given your interests.


How do I navigate the app?

How do I access the main menu?
To access the main menu, click on the 3 lines (we call it a hamburger in the biz) at the top left corner of your screen. From here, you can access the different features nano has to offer.

You can also access specific features like the newsfeed and nano tasks via the mini menu at the bottom of the screen.

Why should I download the app?

You want to help others
On nano you can make the world a better place alongside friends. The volunteer dashboard allows you to create your own project & recruit volunteers or search for existing projects happening near you. You can also complete a host of nano tasks which are small deeds (i.e. bringing reusable bags when you grocery shop) that add up to have a big impact.

You want to live in a sustainable world
On nano, you’ll learn what you can do to lead a sustainable life and be rewarded for doing so.

You enjoy mobile gaming
nano enriches your efforts to help others and create a sustainable future with a captivating gamified experience. Experience points are earned anytime you log into nano, collaborate on projects complete nano tasks and so much more. Experience points can be used to upgrade your planet or can be redeemed for real-life and virtual rewards. You can also play a host of mini-games in nano’s game center.

You want to have an impact
Understanding our tangible impact allows us to track our progress to help others more efficiently in the future. That's why nano's Sustainability Impact Measurement Meter (SIMM) uses next-gen A.I. and blockchain technologies to measure your sustainability and volunteering impact.

Who is nano made for?

The Impact Individual
Impact Individuals use nano to learn and connect with opportunities to help make the world a better place. Create your own service project and recruit volunteers or search for existing projects to become involved with. Join a global movement where many peoples' small deeds can have a huge global impact!

The Influencer
Influencers can join the nano network and turn their fans into an army of volunteers. Inform a passionate base of sustainability enthusiasts about the initiatives important to you. Influencers can use nano to connect with their fans on a more personal level and inspire them to create meaningful change.

The Sustainable Partner
Sustainable Partners can use nano to promote sustainability initiatives and communicate via brand placement. They can also collaborate all global sustainability initiatives internally and even sell their products and services on the sustainable store. Partners can create promoted nano tasks that fully align with their CSR goals. Click here to learn more about becoming a partner.

How do I use nano to volunteer?

How do I create a project?
Nano’s service project dashboard allows you to create a service project from scratch or select a template and begin recruiting volunteers right away.

How can I search for projects?
Impact Individuals can search for projects according to the Sustainable Development Goals they help achieve (more on that later).

How does nano secure the quality and validity of service projects?
Anyone can upload a project. However, projects submitted via the admin console will receive a special notation. This protects nano users from volunteering at non-sustainable or potentially harmful initiatives

How do nano planets work?

How do I get / create my planet?
Your planet is automatically created when you set up your profile.

How do I upgrade my planet?
Upgrade your planet with experience points! You can earn experience points by completing nano tasks! Once your nano task submissions are approved by the community, they will be added to your impact score.

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

Sustainable Development Goals overview
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations. The goals are broad and interdependent each having a unique list of targets to achieve. Achieving all 169 targets would signal accomplishing all 17 goals. The SDGs cover social and economic development issues. You can learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals here: 

Why are they important to nano.?
The SDGs are the framework for how we will create a sustainable future. When a service project is created, it will be placed in the appropriate SDG bucket. That way, when users browse service projects they know which SDG they are helping to achieve.

What is SIMM and how does it work?

Sustainability Impact Measurement Meter (SIMM)
SIMM allows you to see the tangible impact your various sustainability initiatives have. After you volunteer, SIMM records how many lives you have positively impacted.

Is it anchored in A.I. & blockchain technology?

Where does it appear on nano?
In your My Impact section.

Your SIMM will be displayed whenever a user checks out your profile.
Friends can see your impact based off of your experience points in your profile, as well as your rankings in the my impact section of their app.

Why is SIMM Important to me?
SIMM is your personal score that reflects your global sustainability impact.
Your SIMM statistics could help you stand out on a college application or even a resume

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