Small Deeds,
Big impact.
As far as we’re concerned, “If you can’t track it, you can’t fix it!“. That’s why we have created Nano; a gamified sustainability tool, aimed to heal our planet through simple, trackable actions called “Nano Tasks.” Our mission at Nano is to create positive environmental change by empowering and inspiring our community.

Nano is purpose-built to help you calculate your impact, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the ride while doing it!
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13/15 tons of carbon  avoided

Weekly challenge: tons of carbon avoided

What we stand for:


  • Carbon Calculator

    Calculate you carbon footprint then complete Nano tasks to reduce it to live a more carbon neutral lifestyle.
  • Championships

    Participating in Sustainability Championships is fun and easy. Players download Nano, join a team, and perform Nano Tasks (small eco-deeds like energy saving, recycling, etc.) to rise-up the leaderboard, earn NanoX coins/certificates and provider rewards/recognition.
  • Nano Tasks

    Complete these easy-to-do challenges that make the world a better place and earn rewards when you do!
  • Newsfeed

    The Nano Newsfeed makes it easy to keep up with friends, collaborate on service events, and receive customized news given your interests.
  • Leaderboards

    Players and teams that complete the most Nano Tasks are recognized and rewarded.
  • My Impact

    For the first time ever, you'll be able to track your progress and monitor your carbon reduction on the My Impact page inside nano.


What is Nano?

Nano is the first AI gamified sustainability platform that measures the impact of positive deeds resulting in behavior change.

It empowers players to compete in a multi-party game as individual players or join teams in Sustainability Championships as part of the Nano Sustainability League. Nano motivates players to do the smallest & simplest tasks and when aggregated creates cost savings and carbon footprint reduction. All players receive company benefits and the players/teams who have the biggest impact win/earn additional prizes.

Nano collects a new type of data (carbon reduction through player’s engagement) and calculates the avoided CO2e impact that helps reduce carbon emissions due to consumption.

What’s in it for Enterprises?

What problem is Nano solving for Enterprises?
Enterprises lack a simple 3rd party tool that enables employee/customer engagement in company’s sustainability initiatives and to include the impact measurement in CSR/annual reports.

How is Nano solving this problem?
• educates/recommends Nano tasks (e.g. Carpooling, Recycling) to reduce the footprint,
• collects a new type of 3rd party data (carbon reduction through employee engagement),
• provides the impact data to be used in CSR/ annual reports, sustainability indexing, marketing campaigns etc.

What is Nano’s value proposition for the companies?
Nano provides companies:
• a unique way to demonstrate to investors their company’s sustainability culture by reporting employee’s avoided CO2 emission data
• a gamified experience to engage employees, customers and strategic partners in company’s sustainability initiatives and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality
• a competitive advantage to attract youth customers/employees
• cost savings in energy, transportation, recycling, etc.

What’s in it for Partners?

Sustainable Partners can use nano to promote sustainability initiatives and communicate via brand placement. They can also collaborate all global sustainability initiatives internally and even sell their products and services on the sustainable store. Partners can create promoted nano tasks that fully align with their CSR goals.

What’s in it for the Players?

Players use Nano to learn and connect with opportunities to help make the world a better place. Join a global movement where many peoples' small deeds can have a huge global impact!
Nano provides Players:
• a gamified experience to learn/engage and measure their positive impact (avoided carbon/reduction)
• opportunities to perform simple eco-tasks to change their behavior, achieve CO2 neutrality and live a carbon neutral lifestyle.
• earn points, leaderboard ranking, coins, rewards, badges, and recognition

What is the Nano Sustainability League?

Nano League describes the eco-system of sustainability competitions to help fight the Climate Crises through CO2 reduction due to consumption. Players compete in company, government, school, and individual championships. Please see the full details on the Nano League Page.

How do I play Nano?

Multi-party gamification empowers players to live a CO2 neutral lifestyle - one small deed at a time.

Participating in Sustainability Championships is fun and easy.
• players download Nano
• select the desired Championship
• join your favorite team
• perform Nano Tasks like #Commute, #WaterRefill (reduce single-use plastic bottles) #BagReuse, #PhantomEnergy, #PlantBased, #TrashPickup, #Recycling, #TreePlanting, etc.
• rise-up the leaderboard
• earn points, leaderboard ranking, coins, rewards, badges, and recognition

Why should I download the app?

You want to live in a sustainable world
On nano, you’ll learn what you can do to lead a sustainable life and be rewarded for doing so. You can make the world a better place alongside friends. You can complete a host of nano tasks which are small deeds (i.e. recycling, reusable bags, avoid single use plastic, etc.) that add up to have a big impact.

You enjoy mobile gaming
nano enriches your efforts to help the planet and create a sustainable future with a captivating, gamified experience. Experience points are earned anytime you complete nano tasks and so much more. Experience points can be used to upgrade your levels or can be redeemed for real-life and virtual rewards.

You want to have an impact
Understanding our tangible impact allows us to track our progress to help others more efficiently in the future. That's why nano's Sustainability Impact Measurement Meter (SIMM) uses next-gen A.I. and blockchain technologies to measure your sustainability and impact.

What is SIMM and how does it work?

Sustainability Impact Measurement Meter (SIMM)
SIMM allows you to see the tangible impact your various sustainability initiatives have. After completing Nano Tasks, SIMM records how much you have positively impacted.

Is it anchored in A.I. & blockchain technology?

Where does it appear on nano?
In your My Impact section and also on your profile page. Friends can see your impact based off of your experience points in your profile, as well as your rankings in the My Impact section of their app.

Why is SIMM Important to me?
SIMM is your personal score that reflects your global sustainability impact.
Your SIMM statistics could help you stand out with bragging rights.

What are the Three Pillars of Sustainability?

Sustainability has three main pillars - environmental, economic, and social.
• Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely.
• Economic sustainability is our ability to support a defined level of economic production and ensure contributors to this production are compensated fairly.
• Social sustainability is the ability of a social system, like a government, to function at a defined level of social wellbeing.

Throughout your Nano experience, you’ll come across different ways to positively impact all 3 pillars. Our current focus is to handle environmental issues. The Nano community aims to solve the issues affecting us today and is working together to help create a sustainable future.

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

Sustainable Development Goals overview
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations. The goals are broad and interdependent each having a unique list of targets to achieve. Achieving all 169 targets would signal accomplishing all 17 goals. The SDGs cover social and economic development issues. You can learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals here:

Why are they important to nano.?
The SDGs are the framework for how we will create a sustainable future. When a Nano task is created, it will be placed in the appropriate SDG bucket. That way, when users browse Nano Tasks, they know which SDG they are helping to achieve.

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