Nano League

Nano League describes the eco-system of sustainability competitions to help fight the Climate Crises through CO2 reduction due to consumption. Players compete in company, government, school, and individual championships.


Nano has both Enterprise and Consumer championships.
Enterprise Championships can be private or public to address Scope 1- 3 CO2 footprint reduction:
• Private championships are designed for Players (employees / departments) to compete
• Public Championships are designed for Players (enterprise customers / suppliers) to compete

Nano collects a new type of data (carbon reduction through player’s engagement) and calculates the avoided CO2e impact that helps reduce carbon emissions due to consumption. This data can be used in Annua/CSR reports, marketing and.
Consumer Championships are designed for Players (consumers) to compete and are always public supported by sponsors.

Example Championships Include:
• Deutsche Telekom – Enterprise private and public
• Amazon – Enterprise private
• Nano - Consumers


Each Championship has four season per year (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) containing multiple events based on achieving their sustainability goals resulting in season champions.


Each Season may have multiple competitions as defined below:
• Individual competition Individual players perform multiple Nano tasks. Measure the individual impact and get position in the leaderboard
• Team competition: Teams perform multiple Nano tasks. Measure the individual and team impact. Get position in the individual and team leaderboard
• Community competition: Group Nano Task to include large # of players performing only one Nano task. Measure the collective impact. Get position in the Individual leaderboard only for the Group NanoTask.
• One-on-one competition: Verses Betting – Similar to sports betting. individual performs multiple Nano tasks and win. Players can bet on other teams and players. Measure the individual impact No leaderboard


Each competition enables Players to perform Nano Tasks to play the multi-party game. Nano Tasks can be aligned or configured with enterprise CO2 Scope 1 - 3 KPI’s and United Nation’s Sustainability Goals (SDG’s).
Example KPI & SDG alignment
• CO2 Scope 1 - 3
• Transportation
• Waste Management & Recycling
• Energy
• Other related SDGs

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