the 1st employee driven Carbon Neutrality competition in the world


Earth Celebration Championship would be hosted through Nano’s gamified sustainability platform to facilitate a multi-company competition through our leaderboard. Players (employees) will complete Nano Tasks to reduce their CO2 footprint. As players accumulate avoided carbon emissions, they will offset their consumption footprint and race for the #1 slot at the top of the charts!

Partners: The following partners are presenting this championship

Deutsche Telekom Green Pioneers

  • define Nano Tasks / incentives that align with company sustainability goals.
  • leverage the championship as a vehicle to achieve CO2 neutrality for DT and use the data in CSR report, marketing, PR, etc.
  • promote the championship digitally through advertising and outreach.
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by attracting and engaging customers/employees.

Selected Cities (optional/ongoing)

  • promotes the championship to employees and citizens while participating as a team.

Other Green Pioneer partner company’s employees

  • Gather a team to compete in the Earth Celebration Championship.
  • promote the championship digitally through marketing and outreach.
  • Encourage players to perform Nano Tasks to reduce CO2 emissions due to consumption and earn rewards and incentives within their team, as well as in the team competition.
  • Use recorded data in CSR report, marketing, PR, etc.


  • Provide Nano platform and technical support to facilitate the Championship
  • Build a community for each participating company/city within the Nano app to allow players to capture NanoTasks and carbon offsets.
  • Provide in-app company/city branding for the NanoTasks.
  • Track/aggregate # of tasks completed as well as players, and avoided carbon per team.

What is Nano:

Nano is a gamified sustainability app that is purpose-built to inspire and educate users about living a more carbon-neutral lifestyle. It takes a new approach to sustainability that makes climate action easy and fun! Nano collects a new type of third-party data (carbon reduction through player’s engagement) and calculates the avoided CO2e impact, which represents reduced carbon emissions (due to consumption). It enables players to participate as individuals or join teams as they compete in sustainability championships as part of the Nano Sustainability League.

Multi-party gamification engages players and encourages them to live a more carbon neutral lifestyle – one small deed at a time. Nano challenges players to complete small & simple tasks that create large cost savings and carbon footprint reduction when aggregated.  Players and teams with the biggest carbon impact are recognized and have the opportunity to win rewards for their activity.

How to play:

  • Download the Nano app from the app store or the google play store
  • Navigate to Earth Celebration – Germany Championship
  • Join your company/city team
  • Perform Nano Tasks like #Commute, #WaterRefill, #BagReuse, #PhantomEnergy, #PlantBased, #TrashPickup, #Recycling, #TreePlanting, etc.
  • Rise-up the leaderboard
  • Earn points, leaderboard ranking, coins, rewards and recognition

Teams compete in the Championship

Winner categories:  Weekly winners and Seasonal winners.

Report event progress and announce weekly and seasonal winners.

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