Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that is celebrated on the 15th of June. It is a day that we can utilise to discover the possibilities of wind energy, its future and further possibilities in the energy sector. Wind energy is essentially one of the most important renewable energies that will help us decarbonise our economies and reduce the polluting emissions. 

The event is organized annually by the Global Wind Energy Council – the international trade association for the wind power industry. They aim to establish wind energy as a vital solution to the current energy problems, that’ll provide relief to the environment and world economies. 

As of today, the energy sector is responsible for two-thirds of global greenhouse emissions. Greenhouse emissions are the main cause behind global warming, hence alternative sources of energy such as wind energy need to be given precedence.  Additionally, according to  a recent study, wind energy employs over 1.1 billion people worldwide. 

Well, how  can you celebrate Wind Day this year? 

  • Attend online conferences and seminars to educate yourself about wind energy
  • Organize information campaigns and spread awareness amongst your community 
  • Visit an wind farm and learn how wind energy is produced 

Happy Wind Day to you, folks!

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