Empowering the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders

We are thrilled to announce the Nano Sustainability League (NSL) College Championship’s very first Student Ambassador – Abrielle Mannino from Rollins College!

Abrielle is a passionate advocate for sustainability and holds a strong interest in the potential of innovative technology to address environmental challenges. Through the NSL Student Ambassador program, she will play a vital role in:

  • Connecting students with NSL initiatives: Abrielle will serve as a bridge between NSL and student communities, promoting NSL resources, events, and scholarship opportunities.
  • Raising awareness about Nano Stainability League and Platform nano: She will collaborate with NSL to develop engaging content and campaigns that educate students about the individual responsibility to avoid/reduce carbon and waste for a sustainable future.
  • Building a network of sustainability-focused students: Abrielle will foster connections among students with an interest in AI & blockchain technology and sustainability, creating a vibrant community of future leaders.

We are excited to welcome Abrielle to the NSL College Championship team and look forward to her contributions in building a more sustainable future through student education and engagement.

Join us in congratulating Abrielle in the comments below!

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